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A short point & click game inspired by writings of Franz Kafka. It is weird with a unique hand-drawn graphics style, unusual humor, dealing with some common stereotypes in order to point them out in a non-offensive way, old Jewish music and voice overs for all dialogues (featuring a strong central-european accent :-).


Mouse - click for movement or interaction. Moving to upper part of the screen shows inventory. Space to skip dialogues, Esc for menu. The game saves your progress automatically.

About the Game

The game was inspired by a short story called Before the Law which is part of The Trial by Franz Kafka. You can read the English version or the Czech version online.

Before the Law was made for Computer Games Course at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.


Programming, project Lead: Martin Černý
Graphics: Dominika Lippertová
Screenplay, scripting: Pavlína Vimmrová
Lead character voice: Matěj Morávek
Other voices: Karel Kratochvíl
Sound recording: Martin Linda
Producer: Radek Čábela
Testing: Jana Minaříková, Antónia Koplíková, Sherol Chen, Jan Remeš

Music by Belf's Romanian Orchestra (1911-1914)
Tracks: Bolgarski Zhok, Yikhes, Taksim
All tracks are in public domain in the EU.

Stempel Font by -ZAI- Tomasz Skowroński (zai.tomasz.skowronski@gmail.com)

Sounds from the FreeSound project:
Cat Meow by NoiseCollector
Typewriter sounds by ogrivo, exterminat and tjandrasounds