Turn based strategy propaganda made for LDJAM 32, theme: Unconventional weapon (here: media). Rate at LDJAM page

Myland decided to save the citizens of Otherland from the perils of their government annexes it. However, some other countries do not like it and may impose sanctions. Use propaganda to tip the public opinion in majority of countries in favor of Myland so that sanctions will not be enacted. You have 10 turns / months to accomplish this. Click on a country to see how big is its population and what young and old people think of Myland. When you select a country, click icons to build/shutdown various "unbiased" media (Web, TV, Radio, Newspapers). Click on Myland to see details of your budget.

Should work, although the balance is not great. Not tested in IE. Needs a lot of screen space - sorry, no responsive UI.


  • Your propaganda income increases over time.
  • Web is the only media that affects young more than the old.
  • Views on Myland spread across borders.
  • Larger countries have larger influence on their neighbours.
  • You can shutdown any medium to save money.
  • Colour of countries reflect their attitude to Myland.

Update after LD: Fixed a bug where the game wasn't winnable after restart.


Programming: Jan Remeš, Martin Černý

Art: Dominika Lippertová